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Girl with Flowers - Updated

This was an interesting exercise in when not to overwork. Having mostly worked in water colour the last 8 years (under resourced student-life, somewhat precluded oils), moving to oils more recently has been a good challenge.

In this particular example, it involved whiting out an entire element in the picture and burying it a closet for 6 months, ignoring until I moved location,

Going back into it, I was reminded of I system I like to use when I get stuck - work for 20 minutes at a time, and walk away. It helps me from over-fixating on the process and keep a fresh eye.

In the end, it turned out fairly well considering, with a few extra highlights added. However, it has definitely put me off working in oils at that smaller scale ever again. Probably good, considering the very very large canvases I've moved three times into different wardrobes, conveniently forgetting that they take up extra space...

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